It's always good to receive feedback from our lovely Scilly Billy customers. Here's what some of you have to say...

"We visited the Scilly Billy shop (my first time) and it is brilliant. A joyful place with lovely items."

Kristina from Ipswich


"Love my Scilly Billy t-shirt bought last week and the hoodie to keep me warm when night fell. Awesome vibes from the shop staff too! Kudos"

Ruby from Cardiff 


"Been waiting all year to visit Scilly Billy. Looking forward to seeing them on our adventures."

Stuart and Rachel from Shropshire


"Morning yoga on the patio snuggled in my new Scilly Billy Lagoon Hoodie which reminds me of the tropical looking waters here! They are so thick and luxurious and have tiny hidden extra’s like thumb holes in the cuffs and what I am calling a lip balm pocket."  

Yvonne from Edinburgh


"Loving the quality, loving the brand, loving Scilly."

Mark from East Sussex


"I'd seen the Scilly Billy t-shirts online before I went to the islands this year and loved them - making the Scilly Billy shop a 'must do whilst we're on St Martins' before we'd even left London. A beautiful day, a beautiful view and a beautiful selection of t-shirts. I bought one each for my sister's family and promised to send a photo; I've sent one of the boys, but I can't get the parents to sit still long enough for a family photo. I'll keep trying. Thank you, I will definitely be back next year!"

Frances from London


"Lovely comfortable clothing and fantastic quality. Recommend to everyone. Many thanks xx"

Naomi from Lincoln


"What a wonderful discovery Scilly Billy has been this year! I love the characters and the spirit of Steph's creations. I have been proudly wearing my red Scilly Billy goat tee shirt everywhere and it certainly has drawn some admiring glances... particularly in Cannes and Brighton, where we live." 
Julie from Brighton


"I love my Scilly Billy T-shirt - it's bright, of good quality (not that flimsy stuff) and demands that people read it! Saw your stuff the same day I saw puffins - great day!"
Ed from Shropshire 


"The first time my friend and I wore our tee shirts when leaving our holiday on St Martin's, we were stopped 8 or 9 times, including a shop which was selling high end tee shirts, asking where we bought them and how beautiful the colours were and such great quality! Will be ordering more. thanks x"

Julie from Somerset


"My Scilly Ass bag and I are currently en route to Rome for the weekend. I will be wearing it with pride and sharing its origins with all I meet.  Fantastically spacious for all my important items - and I don't travel light!

"My T shirts are wearing well and I have received some smiles and raised eyebrows which makes me happy." 
Sara from Beverley, nr Hull


"Love my Scilly Moo tee shirt, and my Scilly Ass bag. I love the feel of the tee shirt material, and the bag is super, got so many people liking it. I also love the artwork on both items, and love the story that goes with them. Well done, will visit again next year!"

Pauline from West Sussex


"Just arrived back from my holiday in Spain to find my Scilly Billy prize - gorgeous rich deep blue T-shirt and beautifully made Scilly Billy bag - really eye-catching - love it!! Thank you so much!!"

Anne from Bristol


"My Scilly Billy t-shirt... Just the sort of fun, quirky, t-shirt I love.
It always provokes a comment from both friends and strangers - brilliant. 
It washes well and has been the envy of the other old boys at my rugby club.
In short - my favourite t-shirt, I might need to buy another if I wear this one out !!"

Mike from Stockport


"Scilly Billy has reached Rome. But our hearts are on St Martin's."

Kate from Notts


"Jake is either wearing his Scilly Billy T-shirt, or it's in the wash. Those are the only two ways it can be!"

Natalie from St Martin's


"I love the turquoise Scilly Billy hoodie I bought - it is so cosy and comfortable."

SueB from Birmingham


"Thank you so much for creating Scilly Billy in all the permutations. I think it is brilliant and I know my husband loves his t-shirts."

Kristina from Ipswich


"Received my new hoodie in the post today and I am so chuffed with it, definitely going to be worn....a lot! Thank you."



"I bought two hoodies for our Grandsons in Sydney. Here are some photos to show that you have 'gone global'. The boys loved them. We bought them because they call their Grandad a Silly Billy."

Paula from Eastbourne 


"I'm delighted with my Scilly Billy basball cap! Have ordered a second one in a different colour."

Bob from Devon


"My girls love their snoods. Well done - fab business."
John from Bath


"We used your click & collect service whilst on the islands, and then ordered online when we came home. Everything is excellent and well worth the money. Thank you so much." 



"Bought my royal blue hoodie today, great quality, love the design and always happy to find a top with thumb holes. Can't wait to show it off. Thanks"

Carol, yachtie!