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Adult Scilly Seal Tee - Aqua

Adult Scilly Seal Tee - Aqua

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Our super-cheeky Scilly Seal lives in the waters around Menawethan, the most easterly island of the Eastern Isles. He loves making friends with humans and waves to passengers on the Scillonian ferry as it passes by.

His favourite time of day is when humans jump in the water with him and his friends. They are usually snorkelers visiting from the nearby island of St Martin's. He likes to nibble their colourful fins, check everybody out and give them his seal of approval (oh, and pose for photos of course - quite the celebrity).

He is great mates with Scilly Ass, and the two of them are on a secret mission to uncover the Lost Treasure of Gwithian, which was sunk on a pirate ship in the 16th Century. They believe the wreck lies around the Eastern Isles somewhere, but only the Cowrie King knows its true location. 

Also available in kids sizes.

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